Admission of Foreign Students

    Foreign citizens who come to study in Azerbaijani higher education institutions begin learning basic language after they have been trained in the appropriate language. For this purpose, preparatory faculties, departments and centers operate in higher education institutions in order to carry out relevant language training of foreign citizens in Azerbaijani higher education institutions.
    Education document Foreigners who qualify for appropriate education programs adopted in the Republic of Azerbaijan are enrolled in preparatory courses to improve their language skills. At the end of the preparatory period, the final exams will be given to the final exams, and a certificate of state registration in the uniform form of education will be provided to foreigners who have successfully passed exams. After obtaining these certificates, aliens can study at basic education at higher education institutions.
    Foreigners and stateless people admitted to the bachelor's degree of higher education are enrolled in the second (master's) level of higher education institutions with the requirements of existing rules. Foreigners and stateless people who graduate from higher education institutions outside of Azerbaijan may be admitted to the master's degree by passing a language course or passing a language proficiency exam, if they already know the language of instruction.
    Among foreign students, citizens of the countries of the region can also study in European countries, USA, Japan, China, India, Argentina and many Arab countries. Foreign citizens studying in Azerbaijan can choose medicine, economics, humanitarian and technical specialties.
    Foreigners wishing to study in Azerbaijan should also follow the rules of life in the country correctly. Prior to entering the country, foreigners should be familiar with the rules of the State Migration Service for the presence of foreign nationals in the country before registering in the country and not violating the rules of temporary residence.


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