Computer Courses

The Training Center offers courses on the most modern computer programs.

Office Programs are 2 months and half courses. This course teaches you Windows, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Power Point applications. Office work, banks, etc. this course is very important for those who want to work in other jobs like this.

The duration of the program is 2 months and half.

Number of weekly lessons: 3 lessons (each lesson is one hour).

Lessons are conducted on the basis of a perfect program by experienced teachers.

Lessons are taught individually or in two ways.

Those who finish the course receive a certificate by taking the exam.

Microsoft Windows

 Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint



Adobe Photoshop Corel Draw 3Ds Max AutoCad is taught in design programs. Each program is taught for 2 months. Classes are held 3 times a week for one hour. A graduate who successfully completes the program is awarded a certificate.