Курсы иностранных языков

Our Learning Center is Russian and English. One of the requirements of modern time has to have foreign language skills. This fact is that learning the language is a great way to raise your worldview and intelligence. Believe me, it can lead to success in your personal and business life. If you want to distinguish your child, yourself and your loved ones with this ability, then the Knowledge Learning Center's doors are open to you. The Center's Foreign Language Courses are available in many groups!
- for minors
- general language knowledge for pupils
- preparation for admission exam for applicants and masters
- common language proficiency for adults
- general language knowledge for business people
Our superiority
Our classes are organized in modern auditoriums
2. Groups - are created according to the level of students' same level of linguistics.
3. Lessons are conducted in foreign languages.
4. At the end of each level, the exam is organized
5. The lessons are used in video, audio and modern methods
6. Our corporate customers are organized classes without leaving their jobs.
7. We approach each student and customer individually.
8. Successful graduates are provided with CERTIFICATES